England in 2045, a country where euthanasia is not just legal but compulsory. Severe economic depression in the wake of the Great Pandemic and Brexit, a collapse in the care system and inter-generational conflict had changed attitudes to death and old age. Ten years earlier, a right-wing Government, supported by the shadowy League of Youth, had won a majority in Parliament for the mandatory termination of life at the age of ninety.

A decade later, people who still accept the law plan for ‘Deathday Parties’, ‘Evaders’ try to escape abroad, and ‘Remainders’, people already over ninety and who were spared at the time the law came in, live in colonies in rundown seaside resorts. Meanwhile, the young King plots with politicians opposed to the laws which are enforced by the sinister National Age Regulation Authority.

Will the law be changed? Will the League of Youth still hold sway over the politicians? Who will live and who will die?

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