A former BBC executive and programme maker with 25 years track record as a reporter, producer, editor and senior editorial leader.

As Head of BBC Yorkshire (1997 to 2004) achievements included -

  • Turning round the viewing figures for the BBC's nightly news programme, Look North, which previously attracted only half the audience of its ITV rival to a position where it enjoyed double the audience.
  • Setting up a new regional operation in Hull to provide a more localised service for East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.
  • Leading the introduction of new BBC services (Including local websites) and the building of four new BBC studio centres in Leeds, Hull, Sheffield and Bradford.
  • Managing a 20million operation with 400 staff through periods of expansion and severe contraction including major redundancy programmes.

Earlier BBC Career included the following roles -

  • Head of BBC North West (1995-7) revamping North West Tonight and hiring Krypton Factor host, Gordon Burns, as its new presenter.
  • Editor of BBC GMR (Greater Manchester Radio) (1993-5) including a major revamp of the station.
  • Assistant Editor (Producer) BBC North West; (1989-93); working on news, current affairs and documentary programmes including the launch of new political programmes when the televising of Parliament began.
  • On the road reporter and producer (1983-89) including working for Newsnight, Brass Tacks, File on 4, On the Line and national and regional news.

BBC career highlights included -

  • Coverage of numerous major news stories including the Manchester and Warrington IRA bombings, the Moors Murder Search on Saddleworth Moor.
  • Documentaries and feature programmes on subjects as diverse as the safety of the Channel Tunnel, sexism in the police force and walking in the Lake District.
  • Part of winning teams at the Sony Radio and Royal Television Society Awards.

Skills and expertise acquired include -

  • Developing strategic visions and policy making
  • Taking difficult editorial decisions
  • Leading creative teams to deliver original programme-making
  • Organising complex logistical operations to make programmes
  • Leading significant organisational change
  • Presenting, reporting and interviewing on TV and radio

National Media Museum

A successful leader of a major cultural institution during a period of great change as Director of the National Media Museum in Bradford from 2004 to 2012.

Achievements included -

  • Redrawing the scope of the Museum to embrace a wider media remit from its original brief of photography, film and television resulting in its renaming as the National Media Museum in 2006.
  • Opening three major new galleries about television, computer games and the world's first museum gallery about the impact of the internet.
  • Helping to drive the bid to make Bradford the world's first UNESCO City of Film
  • Winning agreement for the building of a gallery in London to showcase the Museum's collections in partnership with the Science Museum due to open in 2013.
  • Leading major reorganisations of the museum structure to deal with funding reductions and changing priorities.

TheNational Media Museumis one of the country’s leading and most popular museums -

  • Holding a world-class collection of more than 3.5 million media objects and images.
  • Regularly attracting over 500,000 visitors a year.
  • Producing critically-acclaimed exhibitions and festivals.
  • Includingeight floors of galleriesand three cinemas including Britain's first IMAX screen.
  • Hosting the BBC’s Bradford studio.
  • Running an extensive learning programme.
  • Belonging to the Science Museums Group(along with the Science Museum, the National Railway Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester).

Skills and expertise acquired include -

  • Developing and delivering major strategic change.
  • Persuading and influencing key stakeholders of the merits of a new vision.
  • Playing a key role in fundraising for new projects.
  • Leading major cultural projects and cultural teams.
  • Working in partnership with a wide range of organisations and people.
  • Delivering major organisational changes including managing major change programmes.
  • Knowledge of a wide range of media and their histories as well as extensive media contacts.

Writer, Speaker, Lecturer,

Extensive experience as a commentator, lecturer, speaker and writer on media issues and on media history -

  • Colin's first book "A Place in History" was published in Autumn 2012 by Ammonite Press. It tells the stories of places touched by news events in twentieth century Britain and details what happened after the cameras and reporters moved on.
  • A frequent writer for the Yorkshire Post on media topics. Articles have included subjects as diverse as the future funding of the BBC, the privatisation of the Post Office, the future of TV and the role of social media in the riots.
  • A regular contributor to BBC Radio Leeds and other BBC outlets commenting on media issues, the cultural sector and as a newspaper reviewer.
  • A Visiting Fellow in the Media School of the University of Bradford lecturing on a range of subjects including media ethics, media regulation and media ownership.
  • A speaker and chair at business lunches, conferences and societies. Engagements have included the Ilkley Literature Festival, a major conference on culture at Broughton Hall, the Yorkshire Philosophical Society and the Harrogate Business Lunch.
  • A judge for media industry awards including the Sony Radio Awards, the Royal Television Society Awards and the Radio Academy Production Awards.
  • A contributor to an international encyclopaedia published in the United States about journalism – writing a chapter on Archives and Museums relevant to journalism.
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Boards and Trusts

An experienced trustee and non-executive director of a range of organisations. Current roles are -

Bradford Districts Clinical Commissioning Group - Vice-Chair and lay member of the Board running the new GP-led NHS commissioning structure in Bradford.

Green Screen Productions - non-exec director of the Yorkshire-based film production and studio company

Yorkshire and North East Film Archives –Chair of the Yorkshire Film Archive since September 2006 and a Trustee since 2001. The Archive is regarded as one of the most successful regional film archives in the country.

University of York Court–appointed a member of the Court of the University of York in 2010.

Bradford City of Film Board –-part of the successful bid team which won UNESCO City of Film status for Bradford.

Bradford Prosperity and Regeneration Partnership Board - part of the local strategic partnership for Bradford

Previous roles include the following -

Advertising Standards Authority –From 2005 to 2011 as a member of the ASA Council responsible for adjudicating each week on complaints about advertising as well as playing a role in the governance of the organisation.

West Yorkshire Tourism Partnership – Board member helping develop tourism in the region

Kraszna-Krausz Foundation - trustee of the Foundation which promotes the publication of books about the still and moving image.

Creative Partnerships, Bradford  - Chair of the Arts Council-led project for bringing schools and the creative sector closer together);

Also a Director of Arts and Business, Yorkshire, a Trustee of Speakeasy (a speech-therapy charity in Greater Manchester) and also an adviser to Macmillan Cancer Relief.

Skills and expertise acquired include -

  • Chairmanship
  • Financial audit 
  • Remuneration and appointment of senior staff
  • General governance experience
  • Experience of a wide range of sectors including advertising, tourism, regeneration and education.


Rachel Feldberg, Director of the Ilkley Literature Festival, said "Colin was an excellent chair for a range of our large headline events with major speakers. He is always courteous, professional and well-prepared and his questions to the speakers are thoughtful and illuminating."

Dr. Ian Palmer, Dean of the School of Computing, Informatics and Media at the University of Bradford, said "Colin did research for us on a project to develop new academic programmes. He was excellent to work with, captured the essence of what we wanted quickly and then delivered great results. I'd have no hesitation in using him again."

David Holdsworth, Controller, BBC English Regions, said - "Colin was a first-rate editor in the BBC with a real grasp of what makes a good story, how to tell it well and a deep understanding of audiences."

Douglas Gurr, the Chairman of the Science Museum Group, which includes the National Media Museum, said - " I have had the pleasure of working with Colin over a number of years and have always appreciated his calm yet determined leadership style and long admired his pizazz in Board presentations."

Lord (Chris) Smith, Chairman of the Advertising Standards Authority, said - "Colin was an outstanding member of the ASA Council for six years. He brought wisdom and clear advocacy to the Council table. He enhanced our understanding of media issues; he challenged us with innovative ideas and he was the voice of plain commonsense."

Di Burton, MD of award-winning Cicada Communications, said -–“ I have seen Colin speak on many occasions. Not only is he highly knowledgeable about his subject, but his light touch makes him an engaging speaker. He is fiercely intelligent and handles questions from the floor with aplomb. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a business speaker and as a chairman for panels”

Sue Howard, Director of the Yorkshire Film Archive, said - "Colin is a strategic thinker who always sees the bigger picture and understands the issues".

Liz Green, BBC Radio Leeds presenter said - "A great contributor; informed, measured, witty and with a wealth of media knowledge which is rooted in real experience. A BBC background with a commercial edge makes his overview of the media unique. A good talker who will tell it exactly as it is."

Leadership Roles

Colin Philpott Media offers strategic leadership with particular emphasis on communications and change management.

  • Colin runs Bradford Breakthrough - a networking and advocacy group representing Bradford's leading businesses and public sector organisations. This involves lobbying work on many issues affecting Bradford and also sitting on a number of boards including the Bradford City of Film Board, the Bradford Prosperity and Regeneration Board and the Community Safety Partnership.
  • Colin is also a non-executive lay member and Vice-Chair of the board of the NHSBradford Districts Clinical Commissioning Group - part of the new NHS structure. Colin is involved in making sure the public voice is heard in the work of the Group and he also co-chairs the Quality Committee which monitors the performance of health service providers in the area.
  • Colin is a non-executive director of Green Screen Productions - who have established a film studio facility at Bubwith in East Yorkshire. Colin was proposed to the Board by Finance Yorkshire.
  • He is also the Chair of the Yorkshire and North-East Film Archives which merged in October 2012 to form one of the largest regional archive organisations in the country.
His contribution to boards is based on -

  • Wide-ranging leadership and management experience including significant change management.
  • Extensive media experience and extensive contacts gained during a 30 year career with the BBC and the National Media Museum.
  • Previous experience on a number of boards including the Advertising Standards Authority, the Creative Partnerships Board in Bradford and the West Yorkshire Tourism Board.

Consultancy and Projects

Current projects underway -
  • Colin is co-directing this year's World Curry Festival planned for Bradford in June.
  • Colin is working with Alchemy Anew - the Leeds-based cultural brokers - to develop a major cultural festival in 2014 exploring themes around British identity.
  • Colin completed a consultancy project with the University of Bradford in Summer 2012 on developing new academic programmes in the Bradford Media School.

Colin Philpott Media offers consultancy in three areas -

  • Cultural projects including developing ideas and building partnerships.
  • Media projects - including executive production roles on programme projects for radio and TV.
  • Leadership and management challenges including feasibility studies into new projects particularly in the media and cultural sectors.

This advice is based on -

  • Extensive leadership and management experience at a senior level at both the BBC and the National Media Museum including managing teams through complex change and delivering major projects.
  • A well-developed understanding of how to handle the PR, media and communications aspects of leading and managing organisations with experience on both sides of the camera as an interviewer, reporter, presenter and editor in the BBC.
  • Experience as a spokesperson for the BBC, the National Media Museum and other organisations.

Writing and Broadcasting

Colin Philpott Media offers writing, journalism and broadcasting services as an author, a journalist and a broadcaster.

  • Colin is passionate about media, about media history and about exploring our sense of place. He is also passionate about the great outdoors, about the North of England and about the City of Bradford.
  • Colin is well placed to provide informative and entertaining commentary on media issues having spent a career in the BBC working in news, current affairs and documentary-making as a reporter, producer and editor.
  • Colin is knowledgeable about the cultural sector having spent eight years as a national museum director.

Existing projects include -

  • Presenting on Bradford's local radio station - BCB106.6
  • Promoting his book entitled "A Place in History" which tells the stories of a selection of places which featured in the news in Britain during the twentieth century. The book was published by Ammonite Press in October 2012.
  • Colin is currently developing further book projects and also developing programme ideas for radio and television working in conjunction with northern-based producers.
  • Writing opinion pieces frequently for theYorkshire Postand appearing regularly on BBC Radio Leeds and other stations as a commentator on media and cultural issues and as a newspaper reviewer.
New work sought includes -
  • Book and broadcasting projects
  • Newspaper opinion pieces
  • Commentary for radio and TV on media and cultural issues.
  • Presentation work

Chairing and Speaking

Colin Philpott Media offers -
  • Chairing and Facilitation of Meetings, Conferences and Events.
  • Lectures on media topics including media ethics, how newsrooms work and media regulation.
  • Speaking at conferences, meetings and events - topics include media behaviour, changing media technologies and how advertising is regulated.
These services are based on -

  • 30 years experience of appearing on radio and television and of speaking in public at a wide range of events.
  • A fund of entertaining anecdotes and informative insights drawing on a career in the BBC, time with the Advertising Standards Authority and as a leader of a national museum.
  • Extensive experience of chairing meetings of management teams and of trustee and non-executive bodies.
  • Experience as a lecturer on media subjects to undergraduates, postgraduates and management training groups.
  • A strong sense of impartiality with a sense of humour to keep meetings and conferences on track.
Current bookings include -
  • Chairing a session at the prestigious Academy of Urbanism conference being held in Bradford on May 15/16/17 where urban planners from all over the world will be gathering.
  • Acting as MC at this year's World Curry Festival in Bradford on June 21/22/23
  • Guest lecturing at the University of Bradford Media School.
  • Appearing at this year's FEVA festival in North Yorkshire in August to discuss his book "A Place in History"
Recent bookings include
  • Appearing at the Ilkley Literature Festival to launch his own book "A Place in History" as well as to interview Sandy Gall, Mark Tully and Jeremy Vine.
  • Speaking about museums to a major cultural conference at Broughton Hall in North Yorkshire
  • Appearing at Waterstone's in Leeds to discuss his book at an evening book event.

Contact Details

Colin's main work base is Bradford in West Yorkshire and he is available to travel as required.

Colin can be contacted via email colin@colinphilpottmedia.co.uk

Colin is part of Linked-In

You can follow Colin on Twitter at @colinpmedia

Colin Philpott Media Limited - registered as a company in England; Company Number 8042655.